Expert on Integrated Assessment Modelling

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), is looking for candidates who can support its activities related to the development and use of integrated assessment modelling (IAMs) for the evaluation of energy and climate policies.

The selected candidate will contribute to different research projects carried out by the Low Carbon team and BC3, including the use and development of existing IAM models at BC3.


Key responsibilities:

The candidate is expected to:

  • Contribute to the development of existing IAM models
  • Provide rigorous assessment of policies and scenarios based on quantitative and qualitative information at different scales (Basque, Spanish, international).
  • Contribute to national and international research projects.
  • Write reports and scientific publications and disseminate results in different meetings and forums.
  • Raise funds

Main requirements:

We are looking for candidates with a PhD and international professional/academic experience after the completion the PhD degree. The candidate should have a solid background with IAM models, skills in quantitative methods and programming, expertise in and experience working in national/international research projects. Applicants should have excellent interpersonal as well as communication skills (both written and oral) in Spanish and English.  An excellent level of Spanish is compulsory for this call. Knowledge of Basque language (Euskara) is also valued, but it is not compulsory.



Term of contract

The position will be for a period of at least 2 year with option to renew upon mutual satisfaction based on the performance of the work.


The position will carry competitive salary, matching the academic and professional profile of the applicant, and excellent work conditions.


Basque Centre for Climate Change, Leioa, Spain.

As a HR Excellence awarded institution, BC3 is committed to conciliate research-academic requirements and family duties. BC3 is particularly concerned with creating equality opportunities for people. Women with relevant qualifications are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for the position.

Application procedure:

Those interested should include in their request:

    1. Detailed curriculum vitae
    2. Motivation letter (in Spanish)


28th April 2021 (CET 17:00).

Informal enquiries can be made to Mikel González-Eguino ( or Iñaki Arto ( noting in the subject of the message “Expert on IAM modelling”

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