Unai Pascual ranked in Stanford study of the world’s top 14% of scientists

A study conducted by Stanford University recognized Professor Unai Pascual as one of the world’s most-cited researchers. Looking at several indicators, this study analyzed data from 1996 through 2019, covering ~7 million scientists in 22 major fields ranging from chemistry to engineering to economics and business.

In the sub-area “Agricultural Economics & Policy” Pascual ranked Top %14 (ranking 23.361/161.442). “I discovered this study by accident, reading the news I found the World Scientist Ranking and my name on it,” said Unai Pascual.

Unai Pascual is an ecological economist. PhD at University of York, UK, 2002. He is an Ikerbasque Research Professor at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), Bilbao, Spain. Previously he was Senior Lecturer in environmental economics and policy at the University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy (2002-2013). He also lectured on environmental economics at the School of Economics at the University of Manchester (2000-2002).

You can download the list here



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