Environmental Data Specialist


The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) offers a full-time Environmental Data Specialist position in order to support the research activities of Research Line (RL) 5 on Integrated Modelling of Coupled Human-Natural Systems.

The RL generates multidisciplinary scientific knowledge from human-nature interdependence to address complex sustainability problems through artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of the RL is to provide environmental data, models and understanding by retrieving, evaluating and integrating the existing information in order to support an effective policy-making where nature counts. Besides Ecosystem Services, the RL also tackles Natural Capital Accounting, Food Security, Marine Spatial Planning, and Renewable Energy.

Experience/skills required:

We are looking for an individual who can support strategic activities related to integrated data science and collaborative, integrated modelling on the semantic web (semantic meta-modelling).

The selected candidate will:

Contribute to the ARIES (ARtificial Intelligence for Environment and Sustainability) platform, a semantic web infrastructure that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build computational solutions to environmental, policy and sustainability problems. This technology, based on machine reasoning, machine learning, distributed computing and high-performance, multi-disciplinary and multi-paradigm system modelling, is the flagship product of the Integrated Modelling Partnership (IMP) which is expected to serve a growing number of worldwide users (from academia, governments, NGOs and industry) in the years to come.

The selected candidate should have:

  1. Strong analytical skills and an ability to learn quickly and to think outside the box. Our work is very innovative and you should expect your job to be as intellectually challenging as rewarding. A strong motivation and a desire to learn and explore new technologies are a must.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  3. Excellent written and oral command of English.
  4. A degree in Computer Science, Ecology, Geography, Engineering, or other fields of relevance to Ecoinformatics.
  5. A working knowledge of geomatics and, in particular, open source GIS: OGC services, Geotools, Geoserver, etc.
  6. A strong background in data management, along with programming skills (any language and in particular Python, Java, R and Julia).
  7. Experience with database management systems such as PostgreSQL.
  8. Familiarity with Docker containers and deploying production software.
  9. Full fluency with Git and Maven technologies across the entire build-test-release cycle.
  10. Experience with an agile development process with industry-standard issue tracking, continuous development and deployment (BC3 uses the Atlassian toolchain: Jira, Bamboo, Confluence).
  11. Experience with machine learning will be an asset.
  12. An ability to work independently, with a diverse, multi-location and multi-lingual team.



Term of contract

The position will be for a period of at least 1 year starting in January 2021, with a probation period of 2 months based on the performance of the work.


The position will carry excellent conditions of work. The salary will be in the range at BC3 for a Technical Assistant – Programme officer with a few years of experience after the university degree.


Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), Biscay (Spain).

As a HR Excellence awarded institution, BC3 is committed to conciliate research-academic requirements and family duties. BC3 is particularly concerned with creating equality opportunities for people. Women with relevant qualifications are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for the position.

Application procedure:

Those interested should include in their request:

  • 2-page CV
  • One-page motivation letter
  • Contact details of two referees


20 December 2020 (CET 17:00).


Informal enquiries can be made to Ferdinando Villa (ferdinando.villa@bc3research.org) and Stefano Balbi (stefano.balbi@bc3research.org).

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