January 26, 2017

New Coal-Fired Plants Jeopardise Paris Agreement

Global greenhouse gas emissions need to peak soon and be reduced practically to zero in the second half of this century in order to not exceed the climate targets adopted in the Paris Agreement. However, there are currently numerous coal-fired power stations around the world at different stages of construction and planning that could be completed in the next decade. If all these plants are actually built, their expected future emissions will make it very difficult to reach these targets, even in an optimistic scenario with the deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies. Policy makers around the world need to react quickly and help to redirect investment plans for new coal-fired power stations towards low-carbon technologies
March 10, 2017

BC3 Journal Articles “La COP22 de Marrakech confirma el compromiso mundial con la lucha contra el cambio climático”

New BC3 Journal Article published: "Roman De Lara, M.V., Sanz Sanchez, M.J. y Galarraga Gallastegui, I. 2017. La COP22 de Marrakech confirma el compromiso mundial con la lucha contra el cambio climático. Dyna. 92. (2) 133-135"
March 13, 2018

Los beneficios sobre la salud humana compensan los costes de la aplicación del Acuerdo de París

Investigadores de BC3 (Basque Centre for Climate Change) han liderado este estudio internacional auspiciado por el programa europeo Horizon 2020. • Los resultados de este estudio publicado por The Lancet ofrecen sólidos argumentos a favor del despliegue de las medidas contempladas en los Acuerdos de París. En función de la estrategia utilizada para mitigar el cambio climático, las estimaciones sugieren que los ahorros en salud derivados de la reducción de la contaminación del aire podrían ser entre 1.4 y 2.5 veces mayores que los costos de la mitigación del cambio climático a nivel mundial. • El estudio afirma que las inversiones necesarias para implementar acciones de prevención del cambio climático en países como China e India podrían compensarse a través de los recursos obtenidos por la reducción de costes asociados a la salud.
September 26, 2018

Journal article: Reconciling global-model estimates and country reporting of anthropogenic forest CO2 sinks

Achieving the long-term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement requires forest-based mitigation. Collective progress towards this goal will be assessed by the Paris Agreement’s Global stocktake. At present, there is a discrepancy of about 4 GtCO2 yr−1 in global anthropogenic net land-use emissions between global models (reflected in IPCC assessment reports) and aggregated national GHG inventories (under the UNFCCC). We show that a substantial part of this discrepancy (about 3.2 GtCO2 yr−1) can be explained by conceptual differences in anthropogenic forest sink estimation, related to the representation of environmental change impacts and the areas considered as managed.

María de Maeztu Excellence Unit 2023-2026 Ref. CEX2021-001201-M, funded by MCIN/AEI /10.13039/501100011033

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