April 25, 2018

Entrevista a Mª José Sanz, directora de BC3, en la cadena SER sobre el ciclo de conferencias Agora K2050, en la que participará en el análisis y reflexión sobre el calentamiento global.

María José Sanz, directora del BC3, junto a Jesús Alquézar, asesor en la Comisión Europea de Medio Ambiente; y Antxon Olabe, economista y ensayista, son entrevistados en la cadena SER, sobre su participación en la jornada sobre el cambio climático del 25 de abril en Donostia, dentro del marco del ciclo de conferencias Agora K2050.
September 26, 2018

Journal article: Reconciling global-model estimates and country reporting of anthropogenic forest CO2 sinks

Achieving the long-term temperature goal of the Paris Agreement requires forest-based mitigation. Collective progress towards this goal will be assessed by the Paris Agreement’s Global stocktake. At present, there is a discrepancy of about 4 GtCO2 yr−1 in global anthropogenic net land-use emissions between global models (reflected in IPCC assessment reports) and aggregated national GHG inventories (under the UNFCCC). We show that a substantial part of this discrepancy (about 3.2 GtCO2 yr−1) can be explained by conceptual differences in anthropogenic forest sink estimation, related to the representation of environmental change impacts and the areas considered as managed.
October 23, 2018

“Will Land-Use Mitigation Contribute as Expected to Achievement of Paris Agreement Goals?” Mª José Sanz new paper at the Expert Perspective

BC3 scientific director María José Sanz’s post a new paper at Expert perspective of the Word Resources Institute’s website. She analyses the Land-Use Mitigation contribution to Paris Agreement Goals Achievement.
November 2, 2018

María José Sanz, directora científica de BC3, una de los expertas en la reunión de “Transformational Change and Paradigm Shift through Integrated Landscapes Approaches to Climate Action”

BC3 scientific director María José Sanz, takes part in the Third Expert Meeting on Transformational Change and Paradigm Shift through Integrated Landscapes Approaches to Climate Action. The Third Expert Meeting is happening in Korea, between the 1st and 2nd of November organized by Green Climate Fund Headquarters.

María de Maeztu Excellence Unit 2023-2027 Ref. CEX2021-001201-M, funded by MCIN/AEI /10.13039/501100011033

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