BC3 strives to work on measures against harassment and violence

Today, the 25th of November, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and following up on the commitments made in 2020 to support the UNiTE campaign to End Violence against Women, BC3 continues its efforts undertaken last year with the elaboration of its Harassment Protocol, where the organization declared their responsibility towards working for an organizational culture free of violence. The centre is implementing a ZERO Tolerance Policy on harassment of any kind within the workspace, also including work-related activities extending outside of the office premises.

The Equality Commission has, since then, focused its efforts on the following preventive measures:

Working to prevent all forms of discrimination; to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve; to avoid stereotyping prejudices and discrimination regarding people’s identities and being respectful and having an inclusive attitude towards all representations of gender, race, nationality and religion.

Increasing sensitivity to awareness of harassment; with the aim of encouraging BC3’s organizational culture being anchored in the principles of safety, dignity and equality and in the value of the diversity of all the people that make up the entity as a whole. BC3 has created a training plan on equal opportunities that helps to build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive vision of reality, overcoming the knowledge gaps and obtaining transformative results for personal and professional development. The centre aims to acquire fundamental knowledge about equality, gender and diversity in order to improve people’s skills and sensitivities while also obtaining tools to identify inequalities and becoming an active agent of change for the society from the ground up.

Raising awareness about the way people communicate; working on the development of an inclusive language policy to use an all-encompassing and gender-sensitive outlook in the multiple languages present at BC3: Basque, English and Spanish. The organization commits to not engaging in talk and behaviour that excludes, threatens or disrespects others on the basis of gender identity and all other intersectional characteristics that suffer some kind of bias across the different physical and online spaces that members of BC3 come together in. Regarding academic language, all BC3 staff are encouraged to use inclusive language guidelines and to be aware of and avoid the biases or sexist use of language in everyday language and in publications.

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