BC3 International Meeting on Ecosystem Services Modelling

“BC3 International meeting on Ecosystem Services Modelling”

Researchers from several countries will explore the latest modelling innovations in ecosystem services to improve sustainability.

[Bilbao, 20 May]

Between 20 and 24 May, the International Spring University (ISU) will be held in Bilbao, the annual international meeting organised by BC3 to explore ecosystem modelling services in greater depth.

During the five-day event, participants from all over the world will analyse scientific models that will enable them to understand the relationship between human activity and the sustainability of ecosystems.

The 2019 edition is held in collaboration with the ALICE Project co-funded by the EU INTERREG Atlantic Area Programme. The main goal of ALICE is to promote sustainable investments in Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks (BGINs) through identification of the benefits of Ecosystem Services delivered at the terrestrial-aquatic and land-sea interface in the Atlantic Region.

The new scientific models that will be analysed at this meeting will enable decisions on environmental management to be accurately informed, and they aim to provide evidence on the importance of “ecosystem services”, i.e. the benefits that people derive from the environment. Some of these services are obvious, such as the provision of food, raw materials, plants, animals, etc. Others, however, are not usually considered in the planning and management of human activity. Among others, these include regulating services, such as crop pollination, prevention of soil erosion and water purification, as well as other cultural services, such as recreation and the sense of belonging to a place.

Recent research has resulted in mathematical models of the environment that show how human activity relates to the ecosystem and assess the future scenarios that such relationships might give rise to.

Proper management of these ecosystems involves understanding the role of these services, and acting on them, in the planning and management of policy decisions, with balance and sustainability considered key criteria.

The International Spring University is an initiative of the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), a multidisciplinary research centre which recently obtained “María de Maeztu” accreditation.  BC3 is also part of the Severo Ochoa – María de Maeztu (SOMMa) alliance, whose mission is to defend and promote excellence in Spanish research, as well as to enhance its economic and social impact, both nationally and internationally.

The International Spring University was born in 2013 as a space specialising in ecosystem modelling. Since its first edition, several hundred researchers and technical personnel from all over the world have participated. This 2019 edition has the collaboration of the Novia Salcedo Foundation and the Basque Ecodesign Hub of Ihobe.

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