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November 2017

BC3 Seminar: “Integrated Design and Analysis for Sustainable Energy Systems”

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UN Sustainable Development Goals set 17 goals to transform our world which include ‘affordable and clean energy’ in No. 7 and ‘sustainable cities and communities’ in No. 11 to be achieved in 15 years. Paris agreement set by UNFCCC implies zero carbon emissions toward the year 2050.
Conventional energy system requires drastic and consistent changes based on an ideal design which satisfies multiple energy [...]

October 2017

BC3 Seminar: “Losses and inefficiencies in the global food system”

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Losses throughout the food system influence the extent to which the nutritional requirements of a growing global population can be sustainably met, with inefficiencies in agricultural production and consumer behaviour all playing a role.

BC3 Seminars “Bio-economic modelling in European agroforestry systems”

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Sustainable agroforestry can support EU policy goals for a greener economy by improving the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry, the quality of the environment, rural life, and climate change resilience.

June 2017

BC3 Seminars: Beyond Quantum Biomimetics

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Javier Martinez

I will divide the presentation in two main parts. The first one is an overview about my work during the PhD along the line of Quantum Biomimetics. This concept, englobes a set of quantum algorithms designed to emulate specific biological properties or processes at a quantum scale. Afterwards, I will cover the main ideas in the field of complex networks, and include a [...]

May 2017

BC3-UPV/EHU Seminars: “Groundwater Management in a Food Security Context”

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Prof. Jean-Christophe Pereau
University of Bordeaux

This article analyzes the sustainability of market-based instruments such as tradable permits for the management of a renewable aquifer used for irrigated agriculture. In our dynamic hydro-economic model, a water agency aims at satisfying a food security constraint within a tradable permit scheme in the presence of myopic heterogeneous agents.
We identify analytically the viability kernel that defines the [...]

BC3-UPV Seminars: “Building Organizational Capacity for Sustainable Innovation”

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Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Dean and Professor of Management, Grossman School of Business, University of Vermont, USA

An overview of the phenomenon of organizational sustainability, of major research streams in this domain, and a framework to guide capacity building for sustainable innovation in organizations.

March 2017

BC3 Seminars: Societal and Energy Metabolism as a Tool for Transformation: Understanding the Challenges of Energy-Society Relations

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Alev Sorman
Visiting postdoctoral researcher at the Pufendorf Institute at Lund University

Levels of complexity achieved by societies today have only been possible because of the abundance and readily usable primary energy forms whose exploitation provides huge surpluses of energy flows. However, the bonanza of the past is over and we are facing a global crisis with many challenges to overcome. Socio-economic systems are ever [...]

January 2017

BC3 Seminars: Conservation Legacies: Understanding the Social-Ecological Impacts of International Biodiversity Aid

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Daniel Charles Miller
Assistant Professor at Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES)

Financial support is critical to achieving global biodiversity conservation goals. However, information about the allocation and the effectiveness of biodiversity aid, the largest source of funding for international conservation, remains lacking. This seminar presents new research on the impacts of international aid for biodiversity conservation in tropical countries. It describes findings from [...]

December 2016

BC3 Seminars: Species distribution modelling of freshwater organisms

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Dr. Sami Domisch
Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany

Species occurrence information consists in general of heterogeneous data, ranging from point records that provide accurate information in geographic and environmental space, to coarse expert range maps accounting for dispersal barriers or historical biogeographic limits. Combining both data types in a species distribution model (SDM) framework using newly-developed (1 km) freshwater-specific environmental variables [...]

BC3 Seminars: “How decision analysis theory can be used for river management”

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Dr. Simone Langhans
Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany

River assessment and management are challenges to scientists and practitioners alike. Rivers, being highly complex ecosystems, are difficult to characterize with adequate indicators and predicting outcomes of river management actions are, therefore, sophisticated and affected by large uncertainty. Moreover, many stakeholders with potentially diverging interests are involved or affected by river management decisions. [...]

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