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urria 11, 2017

Prof. Markandya one of International Adaptation experts authoring the UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2017

UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report series focuses on Finance, Technology and Knowledge gaps in climate change adaptation. It compliments the Emissions Gap Report series, and explores the implications of failing to close the emissions gap. The report builds on a 2014 assessment by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which laid out the concept of ‘adaptation gaps’ and outlined three such gaps: technology, finance and knowledge.
ekaina 21, 2017

“Forest accounting rules put EU’s climate credibility at risk” BC3-ko Zientzia Zuzendaria den Maria Jose Sanz-ek siñatutako eritzi artikulua, behean aipatzen diren beste ingurugiro zientzilariekin batera

The EU is currently drafting laws to implement its 2030 climate target under the Paris Agreement. This includes a particularly contentious issue that EU environment leaders […]
maiatza 16, 2017

BC3ko ikerlaria den, Marta Olazabalek, maiatzak 17an Donostian ospatzen den “Lurralde Antolamenduaren Gidalerroak (LAG) berrikusteko jardunaldiak” ekitaldian hitzaldia eskeiniko du.

BC3ko ikerlaria den, Marta Olazabalek, maiatzak 17an Donostian ospatzen den “Lurralde Antolamenduaren Gidalerroak (LAG) berrikusteko jardunaldiak” ekitaldian hitzaldia eskeiniko du. Jardunaldi hauek, Lurralde Antolamenduaren Gidalerroak (LAG) berrikusteko prozesuaren baitan antolatzen dira.Maiatzak 17an, "LAGAK ETA ZU: KLIMA ALDAKETAREN KONTRA MUGITUKO GARA?" saioan, hiriarekin,lurraldearekin eta aurre egin nahi zaien erronkekin lotutako alderdiei buruzko aurkezpen bat egingo dute hizlari jakin batzu,lurralde historiko bakoitzeko eragile sozialei eta erakundeei aurkezteko.
maiatza 15, 2017

BC3 co-chairs a session on Adaptation Tracking at the “3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference”, Glasgow 2017

Researchers from BC3, McGill University and Wageningen University organize a parallel session in the main reference forum on climate change adaptation at European scale, the "European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2017" that is to held in Glasgow from the 5th to the 9th of June. This parallel session will focus on the challenges of measuring the progress on adaptation at multiple levels.
azaroa 28, 2016

Klima Aldaketarekin lotutako FAO ren publikazio berria : Abelzaintza eta Klima Aldaketa

Smallholder livestock keepers, fisherfolks and pastoralists are among the most vulnerable to climate change. Climate change impact livestock directly (for example through heat stress and increased morbidity and mortality) and indirectly(for example through quality and availability of feed and forages, and animal diseases). At the same time, the livestock sector contributes significantly to climate change. In fact, 14.5 percent of all human-caused greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from livestock supply chains. It amounts to 7.1 gigatonnes (GT) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) per year.
azaroa 16, 2016

Mari Jose Sanz, BC3ren Zientzia Zuzendariarekin elkarrizketa COP22 an (Gazteleraz)

Prof. María José Sanz, directora del Centro Vasco de Cambio Climático BC3, -parte de la red internacional de centros en cambio climático INCCCETT junto al (CR)2- comentó la relevancia del rol de la ciencia en el apoyo a la toma de decisiones políticas.
azaroa 16, 2016

Maria José Sanz, Scientific Director of BC3 Keynote Speaker at the Side Event organized by Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) and International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)

The Paris Agreement outlines results-based finance which is a cornerstone to the implementation of REDD+ in the tropics. Many tropical countries have developed national REDD+ strategies and are seriously considering their potential to contributing to the mitigation of climate change in the context of NDCs under the Paris Agreement.
azaroa 16, 2016

BC3´s Official Side Event at COP22 (November 17)

United Nations Climate Change Conference COP22_CMP12 (Side Event) organized by BC3 “Sustainable development priorities of highly sensitive regions to Climate Change in Latin America: Appropriate orchestration of Adaptation and Mitigation actions” Since 2010 BC3 has been playing an active role at COPs with a variety of contributions. This year, 2016 BC3 will be contributing to different Side Events at COP22 (see full BC3 Agenda at COP22 here) and has organized its own Side Event jointly with the Government of El Salvador with the objetive of Transfering Knowledge and promoting implementation.
azaroa 14, 2016

Prof. Maria Jose Sanz, Scientific Director of BC3, addresses a lecture at the COP22 Side Event organized by INCCETT

ekaina 30, 2016

BC3 co-organizes the workshop “Relational Values and Nature: Implications for Science and Policy”

The workshop “Relational Values and Nature: Implications for Science and Policy” on Classification of values of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services is co-organized by BC3, Basque Centre for Climate Change under the supervision of the Senior Programme Specialist for Scientific Assessments including IPBES, and in the framework of UNESCO’s.

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