Iñaki Arto Research Professor

Main Research Field:
Environmental-Economic modeling, Input-Output analysis, Social Metabolism

Personal web page http://www.bc3research.org/en/inaki_arto.html
Email address inaki.arto@bc3research.org
Orcid 0000-0001-6427-7437
Wok D-6807-2014
Google Scholar Rfb8mnsAAAAJ

Humankind is currently facing an unprecedented social and environmental crisis. Our task as scientists is to provide knowledge to society in order to reverse this situation by promoting a qualitative change in the society, without compromising cultural and natural life-support systems. We try to promote this transition through a range of research activities that explore the relationships between human behaviour, ecological systems and space-time scales in a complex world.

September 28, 2017

Research by BC3 researchers, Iñaki Arto and Anil Markandya, mentioned in Juncker’s State of the Union address of 13 Sep 2017 “Every additional €1 billion in exports supports 14,000 extra jobs in Europe”

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, in his State of the Union of 13 September 2017, has referred for the second consecutive year to the report “EU Exports to the World: Effects on Employment and Income” authored by BC3 researchers, Dr. Iñaki Arto and Prof. Anil Markandya.
June 30, 2017

BC3 Journal Article “Why do some economies benefit more from climate finance than others? A case study on North-to-South financial flows”

The Copenhagen and Paris Agreements, in which developed countries committed to mobilise USD 100 billion a year by 2020, indicate that climate finance will continue to grow. Even though economic development is not the aim of climate finance, climate-related disbursements will generate an economic impact on recipient countries’ economies. This impact will also reach other countries (including climate finance donors) through induced international trade. In this paper, we apply a structural decomposition analysis to study why the economic impact of climate finance varies between countries.
May 3, 2017

BC3 Journal Articles “The efficiency cost of protective measures in climate policy”

New BC3 Journal Article published: "Böhringer C., Garcia-Muros X., Cazcarro I., Arto I. 2017. The efficiency cost of protective measures in climate policy. Energy Policy. 104. 446-454"
March 31, 2017

BC3 Journal Article “Assessing vulnerabilities and limits in the transition to renewable energies: land requirements under 100% solar energy scenarios”

The transition to renewable energies will intensify the global competition for land. Nevertheless, most analyses to date have concluded that land will not pose significant constraints on this transition. Here, we estimate the land-use requirements to supply all currently consumed electricity and final energy with domestic solar energy for 40 countries.

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